Faye Toogood

Faye Toogood’s aesthetic touch crosses disciplines, from interiors to furniture and clothing. With a unified body of work derived from self-expression, instinct and a respect for the past, her remarkable influence is the product of an acutely honed eye.

Faye’s abstract design – extrapolated from sketches in her personal notebook and embellished with washes of watercolour – has an almost atavistic feel, tapping in to connections between animal skins and the earliest human art, as found at Lascaux and Altamira. This evocative Toogood design, named Sketchpad, is intended for use in medium to large-scale upholstery projects, and interior architectural functions.

“The printing technology and leather is of such a high quality, it felt right to propose a design with plenty of detail and depth, which makes the most of the natural texture.”

-Faye Toogood

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Faye Toogood
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